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The AISA Events.

  • AGI Safety Fundamentals Sign-up

    AGI Safety Fundamentals Sign-up

    Soon, AISA will facilitate another round of AGI Safety Fundamentals groups. Sign up with the form below!

    AISA Team Date: 23/10/2023
  • Panel Discussion on AI Safety

    Panel Discussion on AI Safety

    AI Risks: From Today to Doomsday - An Academic Panel Discussion

    AISA Team Date: 18/10/2023
  • OpenAI Talk and Q&A

    OpenAI Talk and Q&A

    Are you curious about the astonishing potential of AI and the profound implications it holds for the future of humanity? Join us for a thought-provoking deep dive and exclusive Q&A with 3 OpenAI researchers on the topic of AI and existential risk!

    AISA Team Date: 27/9/2023