Panel Discussion on AI Safety

AI Risks: From Today to Doomsday - An Academic Panel Discussion

10/18/20231 min read

Date: October 18, 2023

Time: 18:00 - 20:30

Location: University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904 - D1.111

Why This Matters:

Dive into the multiple layers of AI risks — from concerns about misinformation or lethal autonomous weapons to the potential existential threat to humanity. Be part of the critical conversation that shapes our collective future. Follow us on our journey “From Today to Doomsday.”


  • 18:00-18:45: Keynote (online) by Ajeya Cotra: A spotlight on the existential stakes in AI.

  • 18:45-19:15: Expert Panel: Featuring Eric Nalisnick, Iris Groen, Efstratios Gavves, and Tim Bakker. Join the experts as they dissect the spectrum of AI risks, from the here and now to the not-so-distant future.

  • 19:15-19:30: Audience Q&A: Your chance to query the panel.

  • After 19:30: Social at Oerknal: First drink is on us!

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This:

  • Get up close with the complexities of AI risks and safety.

  • Gain insights from leading academics and industry experts.

  • Network your way into future collaborations or job opportunities.

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