Weekend Hackathon: Multi-Agent Security

Participate in our weekend research hackathon focusing on AI security complexities! Explore the nuances of frontier AI, especially multi-agent systems. Our goal: to identify and mitigate worst-case scenarios. Register to combine intensive research with hackathon creativity. Prizes up to $1,200 await, with top teams potentially earning advising and co-authorship opportunities with leading AI safety researchers. Join us!

2/6/20241 min read

We are thrilled that AISA will participate in the Multi-Agent Security Hackathon, co-hosted by Apart Research, Christian Schroeder de Witt, and Esben Kran. The event is scheduled from February 9th, 20:00, to February 11th, 2024.

The objective is to identify and address the significant risks associated with these systems. It offers a prime opportunity for attendees to enhance their knowledge, connect with peers, and contribute to AI safety advancement.

Teams can work on projects with the potential submission to premier conferences such as NeurIPS or ICML.

If AI safety is your passion and you're keen on making impactful research contributions, we encourage you to sign up!

Visit the official event page for further information and registration.